Aegean Star

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In December 2010, Ro-Ro Aegean Star collided with the dock in the port of Mytilene causing a Tier 2 oil spill incident. EPE was assigned for the sea and shoreline oil spill response operation and mobilized experts, trained technicians and a significant number of resources such as antipollution vessel, containment booms, support crafts, skimmers and various vehicles. Our company conducted a shoreline survey as well in order to assess the extent of the affected shore areas and undertake the clean-up operations.

Main facts:

  • Our emergency response capabilities and network enabled us once again to initiate the response in no time
  • EPE mobilized around 20 personnel and local partners for the oil spill response operations
  • Around 4,5km of shoreline found polluted following our survey
  • The total duration of the operations was approximately one month
  • Our company carried out oil recovery operations from the sea surface as well as clean-up of the surrounding docks, vessels and shoreline
  • All areas were officially delivered back to authorities and the public

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