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In 2010 “GERAKI” a product/chemical tanker was part loaded in the Far East with various grades of palm oil totaling 25.000tn. Following failure of the cargo heating system the remaining palm oil was solidified and needed heating in order to recur in liquid phase and come back in to a pumpable condition. In April 2013, Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. was appointed by cargo owners to heat, tranship the remaining Cargo, Strip and clean the tanks of the Vessel along with carrying out all required marine environment protection measures.

Main facts:

  • Date: 20/4/2013
  • Place of incident: Elefsis bay, Pireaus, Greece
  • 25.000tn of Solidified Palm oil was heated with portable stainless steel heating coils and transferred into 5 lightering vessels. After the STS transfer all the empty cargo tanks were cleaned
  • Duration of Operations: 3 months
  • Personnel involved: EPE assigned more than 80 personnel for the implementation of the projects
  • Equipment used: 2.000m oil booms, skimmer vessel, portable skimmers, fenders, PPE, 2.500m steam hoses, 1.200m hydraulic hoses, 18 portable stainless steel heating coils, steam boiler, heavy duty hydraulic driven pumps, monitoring equipment, 700m cargo hoses and more.

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