During the Israeli army invasion of Lebanon in 2006, a number of fuel tanks at the power plant located 30 km south of Beirut, were destroyed, which caused a major ecological disaster. A series of international tenders issued by UNDP and HRC were awarded to Environmental Protection Engineering SA (EPE) for the oil spill clean-up of Lebanon sites, collection, transportation and temporary storage of wastes and development of shoreline survey. For the implementation of the projects, EPE mounted large-scale operations in Lebanon providing experts who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in provision of response and environmental services, trained manpower and specialized equipment and other resources.

Main facts:

    • Following the tanks’ destruction, 15,000 tons of Heavy Fuel Oil were released
    • 100-120km of the Lebanese coastline were polluted
    • More than 20 Lebanon sites were cleaned up by EPE and delivered to Lebanese authorities and public
    • EPE assigned more than 200 personnel for the implementation of the projects
    • 645m3 waste generated from the oil spill were repackaged, labelled and transported for temporary storage
    • 230 km of shoreline were inspected by our experts team 3 years after the oil spill including sea based, land based and underwater surveys


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