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While approaching a mooring off the cliffside tourist town of Thira on Santorini Island (Greece) on April 5, 2007, the cruise ship SEA DIAMOND came into contact with an uncharted extension of rocky reef and suffered hull damage. An emergency evacuation of the 1156 passengers and 391 crew members was carried out. As a result of an oil spillage from the wreck, approx. 6km of shoreline was polluted in what is one of the most touristic areas worldwide.

The backbone of the emergency response and also the project-phase clean-up work was provided by Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (EPE), contracted by the SEA DIAMOND owners in the early hours of the emergency. EPE quickly began mobilizing its resources from its various bases around the country and arrived on site on April 6 with boom, skimmers, and the first two of the four self-propelled (‘AKTAIA’) skimming vessels it would use in the response. Vacuum trucks, more booms, support vessels, and further ‘AKTAIA’ skimming vessels arrived soon afterwards.

Our group organized and implemented recovery of oil from the sea, plus the protection of the marine and shoreline environment. Among the many services we provided were mobilization of several pollution response/clean-up vessels, specialized equipment and personnel. After completion of the oil collection at sea, shoreline cleanup operations continued, performed by our teams of oil spill technicians and experts which included remediation of all affected rocky and sandy beaches. In 2009, our group returned to the site to assist with offloading of oils and other liquids from the wreck. On this occasion our response included, expanding and maintaining the oil boom/containment area encircling the wreck, hull inspection and cutting/tapping by use of ROVs, pumping, temporary storage and final disposal of recovered oils.

Vessel facts:

  • 1537 passenger capacity
  • 1537 passenger capacity
  • 21,848 GT, 143m LOA
  • 1985 launched
  • 572 m3 oils of all types (516 m3 of persistent oils, 56 m3 of diesel oil)

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