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Damaged & Distressed Cargo

Damaged & Distressed Cargo

Damaged & Distressed cargo is the cargo of ships that failed to reach their destination in time or in the expected condition, resulting in its deterioration and possible abandonment.

Where a cargo has been unable to reach its destination due to a casualty, EPE will find the best solution for each problem. Our experts will survey the cargo and will offer the best possible solution to Cargo Carriers, Shipowners, Marine Salvage companies, Insurance Companies, which will maximize the value of recoverable assets.

Our services include cleaning, repacking, labelling, but also, in case needed, decontaminating and disposing of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous cargo. EPE is licensed to recover all types of cargo and can offer licensed temporary storage facilities and can inspect the distressed cargo before a final decision is made. Decisions made immediately after a loss will directly affect the cargo’s final disposition and amount of the salvage return.

Our established international network and contact with all major companies operating in Greece and abroad, make possible to resell salvageable materials and distressed cargo. EPE continuously develops alternate waste stream management practices, in order to reduce or eliminate materials deposited in landfills.