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News Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) S.A. partner with Datum Electronics

Datum Electronics’ Marine Shaft Power Meter is now available in Greece via global environmental experts EPE. The Datum Electronics’ Marine Shaft Power Meter has been developed to meet the requirements of the Commercial Marine Market, to provide on-going power monitoring data on ships, including; Propulsion Shafts, Thrusters and even Diesel Generator Shafts.

A Shaft Power & Torque Meter accurately measures the power transmitted through a shaft, enabling the measurement of actual power an engine is delivering to the propeller or generator. The Shaft Power & Torque Meter System is an essential tool, helping to reduce the running costs by maximising fuel savings, improved maintenance scheduling and equipment protection.

Commenting on the announcement, Nick Ferous – General Manager at EPE – said: 

“EPE are delighted to be able to offer Datum Electronics technology to our customers throughout Greece. EPE is already synonymous with the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Datum Electronics’ Marine Shaft Power Meter compliments our existing solution stack perfectly.” 

James Lees, Managing Director at Datum Electronics, said:

“The new partnership with EPE is something all of the team are delighted about. EPE’s experience, skill set, customer service and market knowledge, combined with all of the benefits of employing our shaft power meter, only serves to improve the realisation of commercial and environmental gains to our customers. I am very excited about this collaboration, the solutions we will deliver together will result in reliable delivery of value to our customers by offering sustainable, state of the art solutions to the market.”

Mark Gladdis, Business Development Manager at Datum Electronics, added: 

“We are very excited about our new partnership with EPE and looking forward to working alongside a company with such an established record within the Greek Marine Market. Both Torque and Thrust measurement are becoming increasingly more important to ship owners and operators. Through combining our market leading technologies with the skills of the dynamic team at EPE we will provide our clients throughout Greece with the best solutions for Shaft Power Measurement, Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance”

About Datum 

Datum Electronics Ltd was founded in 1989 on the Isle of Wight – just off the coast of Southampton, UK. 

In the last three decades, Datum Electronics have become a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of torque, load and shaft power measurement solutions worldwide. 

Datum Electronics’ innovative strain gauge based technology have been successfully used for product torque testing, drive system R&D, verification of shaft power levels for quality control and compliance, strain sensors for vehicle weighing and safety, vehicle drive shafts, ships shaft power system and numerous other applications where the power transmitted through shafts is key to efficiency and safety.