Hi-Fog Sprinkler System



HI-FOG is a world leading fire protection system that accomplishes fire suppression with water mist. HI-FOG is an innovative sprinkler system developed by Marioff Corporation.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal damage and downtime: with fast control and swift fire suppression, using small amounts of pure water, HI-FOG® keeps both damage and downtime to a minimum. While some other systems need recharging or servicing after activation, HI-FOG® is ready to go again without delay, as the supply of water is always guaranteed.
  • Immediate activation: HI-FOG® sprinklers activate as the ambient temperature reaches its threshold temperature and breaks the bulb. The HI-FOG® spray head system can be activated the moment the fire is detected, i.e. when it is still in its infancy, thereby preventing it from spreading.
  • Safe for people and the environment: HI-FOG® uses a pure water mist, which is entirely harmless to people and the environment, as its suppression agent. Spaces do not need to be evacuated or closed off for the system to be activated, and they can also be entered while the system is discharging without posing any risk to human life or affecting fire fighting efficiency.
  • Cooling: HI-FOG® displaces oxygen from the seat of the fire, as well as cooling the surrounding areas and preventing fire from spreading or reigniting.
  • Integrated system advantages: protecting all areas with a single system offers customers one-stop-shopping advantages in every single area of lifecycle support. Furthermore, installations can be easily combined with the same main components that serve the entirely integrated system.
  • Architecturally sound: thanks to narrow tubing, compact pump units, small water tanks and discrete sprinkler and spray heads, HI-FOG® is easy to install into retrofits and new structures alike, therefore minimizing structural impact and preserving aesthetic integrity.
  • Ideal for sites lacking municipal services: HI-FOG®’s gas-driven pump unit can be supplied as an independent, stand-alone system that does not require mains electricity, a municipal water supply or a large water reservoir.

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