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Marine Equipment

Marine Equipment

Our Marine Equipment provides complete and reliable solutions
to Waste Water Treatment and Water Treatment challenges.


Bilge Oil Water Separator

Our industry standard bilge oil water separator, certified for 5PPM. Redefining simplicity with automated operation. Certified by IMO RES, MEPC. 107 (49).

Bilge Oil Water Separator

The patented electrolytic process is boosting agglomeration of emulsions at our industry benchmark OWS (Poseidon FIT). The high-end OWS ensures oil free water discharge under any condition. Certified by IMO RES, MEPC 107(49)

Electrochemical Sewage Treatment Plant

TRITON EC is designed for waste water treatment on board merchant ships, Navy vessels, yachts, ferries, small cruisers, offshore platforms and most other marine type applications.


Fresh Water Generator

ALIOS EVO is a proven alternative to the production of fresh water with evaporation, since there is no need for the operation of the main engine or the boiler of the vessels, thus minimizing energy consumption.


Black Smoke & Odor Eliminator

The HERMES Soot Elimination System reduces harmful air emissions from diesel generator gases by eliminating Black Smoke (BS) and harmful Particulate Matter (PM).Protecting the environment from harmful air emissions


Elevating Environmental Engineering

The ultimate on-site chlorine generator for sustainable, cost efficient and effective disinfection of all surfaces. Redefining simplicity with automated operation and minimum maintenance.