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News Nova Cura – Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. Successful Emergency Response

On Wednesday, 20th of April, M/V NOVA CURA, a General Cargo Ship bearing a Dutch flag with a seven-member crew, ran aground on Lamna reef, North-East of Lesbos island, Greece.

Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. initially undertook the emergency response and oil spill prevention operations (oil booms had already surrounded the vessel till the afternoon of the same day) and then pumped out Nova Cura’s fuel, under the supervision and guidance of Smit Salvage, which had undertaken the salvage of the vessel.

On Friday April 22th, at dawn, AEGIS I arrived at the grounding area and a few hours later began the oil pumping operation, which lasted until April 27th. Subsequently, oil was skimmed from the engine room and fuel was pumped out of settling & service tanks.

On Thursday 28/4 the M / V Kasteelborg reached the grounding area and began transshipment of Nova Cura cargo, with the participation of riggers provided by EPE, whose work ended on Saturday 07/05, upon instructions of the Salvage Master.

Throughout the course of the operation, AEGIS crew was standing-by 24/7, as they were in charge, amongst other things, of supervising the sea region and monitoring the vessels passing through.

On Tuesday 26/4, during a heavy storm, the crew of NOVA CURA was ordered to evacuate the ship by helicopter. AEGIS I participated in the rescue/evacuation, while being in constant communication with the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Central Port of Mytilene and AEGIS’ rescue boat approached the ship despite the adverse conditions, fully prepared to intervene if necessary.

For these actions, the crew of AEGIS I and our company received the appraisal of all those involved (Captain of NOVA CURA, Salvage Master and Authorities) for the self-denying team spirit E.P.E.’s skilled personnel demonstrated.

During the operation, which lasted from April 20 to May 14, our company complied with all essential safety measures and all employees demonstrated professionalism, diligence and cooperation. Therefore the operation was deemed as successful, both by result and by praise of the Special Casualty Representative (P & I Club representative) and Salvage Master (Smit Salvage) for our operational skills.