oil spill products Under the constant guidance of EPE’s experts, the development and implementation of new technologies and
the long lasting collaborations with reputable foreign manufacturing brands, EPE supplies with state-of-the-art
antipollution equipment, ergonomically designed that meets the highest quality standards.

Our company can provide an extensive range of skimmer/ transfer pumps and power-packs for any
application. Latest technology and vast experience is incorporated in the range enabling the recovery
of a great variety of oil products from light diesel oil to high viscosity products. oil spill products

Offering cutting edge technology in the field of spill response, EPE offers the most effective,
technologically advanced and economical way to obtain the best oil containment systems. oil spill products

A complete range of high capacity absorbent materials is available via our company. They can meet the
highest standards of marine and industrial applications. They are made of polypropylene and can absorb
up to 25 times their weight. Conveniently and effectively they save time, money and effort. oil spill products

The fenders are available in different sizes and are fitted with a high protection chain and truck tire net in
chain. The tires completely cover the fender body. The total weight of each fender reaches 3 tonnes.
The fenders are available for sale or rental. oil spill products

The solution for temporary or long term storage of liquids is the oil storage tanks. Available in different
sizes, they can accommodate polluted or hazardous liquids. Manufactured from PVC, neoprene
rubber or polyurethane they can be open top or closed with top covers. Excellent for usage of oil
products are very easy to fill /handle even in adverse weather conditions.