Elevating Environmental Engineering

The ultimate on-site sodium hypochlorite generator for sustainable, cost efficient and effective disinfection of all surfaces. Redefining simplicity with automated operation and Integrating nature to protect the environment.

POWERKLOR on-site sodium hypochlorite generators are designed for the in-situ production of a chlorine-based solution through the electrolysis of brine, providing a safe, economical and effective disinfection of everyday surfaces. A mixture of water and salt passes through the electrolytic cell where electrolysis takes place by the application of an electrical current. Sodium hypochlorite solution is produced on demand covering the exact needs of the end user.

The lower grade sodium hypochlorite solution results in a slower rate of degradation than commercial grade hypochlorite. The system is also complemented with excess product storage. This ensures that sodium hypochlorite is always available to the end user, while eliminating the storage and handling of hazardous bulk chemicals.

Complete disinfection


  • Non-hazardous feed & product
  • No storage of bulk chemicals
  • No use of PPE required


  • Consistent concentration of produced sodium hypochlorite
  • Effective disinfection on-demand without dilution
  • Elimination of by-product formation


  • Smallest volume & footprint
  • Minimum operational costs & maintenance
  • Fully automatic unattended operation


  • Zero waste, plastic-free oceans
  • Optimal use of natural resources
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
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