Port Reception Facilities

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Ship and Port Waste Management

  • Port Reception Facility services for Solid Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues (MARPOL Annexes I, II, V and VI)
  • Reception and Management of Ship’s Repair Waste
  • Management of waste produced in Ports, Harbors, Marinas and Offshore installations.

Services Description

Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (EPE) collects and manages ship-generated solid waste and cargo residues, as described under Annexes I, II V & VI of the International Convention Marpol 73/78. Our experience in ship-generated waste management, along with the qualified and trained personnel, guarantee the quality of our services.Our company is fully licensed and implements the best environmental practices for waste management, based on Circular Economy and the Waste Hierarchy Approaches (Waste prevention – Minimization – Reuse – Recycle – Energy Recovery – Disposal).

Following the disposal of waste, we provide our clients with all the necessary Certificates & Documents according to the relevant environmental legislation.Additionally, EPE is active in the field of Ship Repair Waste Management, collecting ship repair waste and oil sludges sediments from any port, shipyard, repair zone, anchorage etc. EPE also manages waste from any onshore installation or other facilities such as Ports, Marinas, Harbors and Offshore Installations.

Quality and Safety of Services

Our services are certified for their quality and safety, according to:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ΕΛΟΤ 1801:2008/OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO 16304:2013

ISO9001   iso14001     ohsas18001

Collection and Management of Solid Waste

Port Reception Facilities of ship-generated waste, cargo residues and ship-repairs waste services include:

  • Collection of waste from the port land zone by specialized vehicles and trucks
  • Collection of waste from anchorage areas by vessels
  • Processing / recycling/ energy recovery of special waste streams
  • Sampling – Labelling – Identification
  • Hazardous Waste Management (classification, packaging, processingand final disposal)
  • Waste collection, transportation and certified Final Disposal of any type of waste
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