Protection Preparedness & Consultancy

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Services proposed by EPE as part of Marine Environment Protection Contracts aiming to secure preparedness for our clients.

List of Services

EPE provides analytical processes to provide information regarding undesirable events, estimating probabilities & expected consequences for identified risks.

Detailed examinations including risk assessment, risk evaluation & risk management alternatives are performed to understand the nature of unwanted outcomes & how to mitigate the risk.

Efforts to prevent incidents & respond to & recover spilled oil in all environments pose unique challenges due to the nature of the operations & the locations, which are often remote or sensitive. Developments in infrastructure, planning, emergency preparedness, & clean-up solutions for all environments are essential in order to meet client needs for a rapid response.

Mapping & evaluating the environmental risks of potential oil, chemical and hazardous waste spills and identifying preparedness & response options is an essential component to preventing & preparing for incidents. Planning based on proper risk assessments allows companies to achieve optimal spill preparedness & select response solutions to ensure reduced environmental damage while evaluating possible socio-economic impacts. Proper planning can mitigate risks & limit exposure to extreme incidents.

With years of experience developing contingency plans for many different clients and for all kinds of situations, EPE has experienced & knowledgeable personnel capable of delivering cost-effective & sustainable solutions for any facility, vessel, and operation.

This includes equipment selection & equipment applications, including operation, based on customer resources & circumstantial factors. Proper planning can make the difference when it comes to an incident especially proper allocation of resources.

Time spent creating & implementing contingency planning is time saved when an incident does occur.

Our experienced personnel develop & deliver accredited oil spill response training courses, both theoretical and practical at the facility/location of your choice in a variety of languages. Our training courses are accredited by the Nautical Institute in accordance with IMO standards and are fully compliant with the requirements of by the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness Response and Co-operation 1990 (OPRC '90) and the OPRC-HNS (Hazardous and Noxious Substances) Protocol 2000.

Planning & Execution of drills & exercises on a regular basis enables a company, including its personnel, to be better prepared should an emergency occur.

EPE has experience with the design, development & management of small to large scale drills & exercises on behalf of numerous clients, as part of the range of emergency response preparedness services.

Drills & exercises include full-scale tabletop exercise and real time operations.

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