EPE continues its successful course in the development and production of antipollution equipment and means, having all the required approvals and certifications. Experienced, scientific and technical personnel with the appropriate equipment offer integrated waste management services.

The operational efficiency of our equipment is ideally combined with demonstration by specialized and experienced technicians aiming at its immediate mobilization and deployment.

Rental of equipment

During ship-to-ship/ship-to-shore transfer bunkering projects or elsewhere required, EPE provides equipment rental services (oil booms, pumps, hoses, fenders, etc). The projects are supported by our highly trained personnel who are responsible for organizing and effectively completing these operations.

Rental of Fenders
EPE provides equipment and services for the safe loading, unloading and transfer of the ship’s cargo. Hence, the company offers rental of fenders and hoses for ship-to-ship
or ship-to-shore transfer operations as well as equipment for the safe mooring of vessels.


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