TRITON EVO is a reliable sewage treatment plant using an innovative Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) system for on board waste water treatment. A combination of both grey (galley/kitchen water) and black (sewage) wastewater reduces the overall energy consumption and maximizes the effluent quality in terms of COD, BOD, TSS and nitrogen removal. The plant can be continuously operated onboard of a wide range of vessels varying from cruise liners to cargo and military vessels.

Despite the fact that there aren't any limits for the nitrogen concentration in effluent, TRITON EVO biology removes nitrogen without the use of chemicals or excess activated sludge recirculation. The correct black/grey water ratio in combination with the activated sludge recirculation ratio provides sufficient nitrogen removal. This fact makes TRITON EVO suitable for offshore installations where the nitrogen concentration in effluent is an issue.


  • IMO RES. MEPC. 159 (55)
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