Ultrasound Technologies

Since 2016 the HASYTECgroup, with HQ in Kiel, Germany, has been developing an ultrasound technology to prevent deposits on all liquid carrying surfaces.

The innovative Ultrasound Antifouling Technology “Dynamic Biofilm Protection Intelligent®” prevents biofouling and marine growth in various marine applications, such as propellers, pod drives, bow/stern thrusters, sea water cooling systems and freshwater generators. Systems and coatings which release biocides and/or heavy metals into the oceans can be replaced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. This improves the environment rating of the vessel, reduces the maintenance on board, increases operational safety and reduces operational expenses. As DBPi® at the same time prevents biocorrosion the lifetime of the protected applications on board will be extended. The conformity of our production processes and product quality has been certified by Lloyd’s Register with the general type approval.

With this HASYTEC is committed to making a valuable contribution to protecting our environment and hence was awarded multiple awards including the German Innovation Award in 2020 and just recently was nominated for the German Environmental Award in 2022.

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